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Janssen Cosmetics

Janssen Cosmetics

The success of Janssen Cosmetics, a German company based in Aachen, begins with a visionary idea: to create treatments that are much more effective than the products available on the market! Its founder, Walther Janssen, sought innovative and performing active ingredients that penetrate the skin and do not limit their beneficial action to the upper layers of the epidermis. Acting deeply in the heart of the skin is the challenge launched by Janssen Cosmetics in 1990!

Face Cosmeceuticals

A cosmetic technology that combines modern practicality with the ancient and proven functionality of consolidated active ingredients, to strengthen and enhance the method in its entirety.

Innovative and refined formulations and pleasant textures to address the multiple aesthetic needs of the face; enveloping and beneficial manual skills to relax and expand the potential of cosmeceuticals.

Body Cosmeceuticals

The body and face lines developed by JANSSEN Cosmetics are not only innovative but offer a new global approach in a technological key to skin care.

For its idea of functionality, safety and guaranteed effect, Janssen Cosmetics started more than ten years ago with the formulation and production of certified cosmeceuticals that respect the delicacy of skin balance and ensure a strong and stable result over time, on all imperfections. face and body skin.


INTERBEAUTY is the exclusive distributor for Italy of JANSSEN COSMETICS


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