• All courses will take place at the times indicated on the calendar, at INTERBEAUTY Srl: Dalmine – via Friuli, 11 (BG) (200 m from the Dalmine motorway exit)
• Please note that for a regular performance of the activity, those who have sent their membership via email or WA at no. 3427662891 at least 15 days before the date of the course , which must be followed by a written or telephone confirmation from Interbeauty to guarantee successful enrollment. It is also necessary to check the regular course of the course by telephone on the working day preceding that of the course itself.
• The courses have a limited number and places will be assigned based on the date of receipt of the registration request.
• Each course is subject to the achievement of a minimum number of participants, Interbeauty reserves the right to cancel the course. In this case, any deposits paid will be returned within 5 days from the notice of cancellation.
• It will be possible to stop in the company to have your meal. Furthermore, it will be possible to book lunch in the morning and pay it directly to the catering service. We inform you that the area offers several alternatives for lunch, thanks to the shopping center located in the immediate vicinity of the course venue.
• You are required to use your own professional equipment (smock, slippers, etc.) and your own equipment, if necessary.
• We inform you that for some courses, a few days before the date of the course, we will send the relevant handout, which we kindly ask you to read and possibly print in order to begin the approach with the subject of the course and to prepare any questions.
• At the end of the course, certificates of participation will be issued, if required.
In case of impediment to participation in the free courses , this must be communicated by e-mail to the address or with WA at n. 3427662891 within 5 days from the start date of the course; failure to communicate will revoke any right to participate free of charge in subsequent courses.
In case of impediment to participation in paid courses the cancellation must be communicated by e-mail to the address or with WA at n. 3427662891 . If the cancellation is communicated at least two weeks before the date of the course, a penalty equal to 30% of the cost of the course will be charged. If the cancellation is communicated during the two weeks prior to the course, the final payment will still be required with the possibility of appointing a replacement at any time. It is therefore understood that the entire amount (+ VAT) is still due.
• Participation in the course must take place in accordance with the scheduled times.
• We invite you to do everything possible to respect timetables and be punctual both upon arrival and during breaks, because the success of the course also depends on everyone’s punctuality.
INTERBEAUTY reserves the right to make changes to this program.

In compliance with the applicable health and safety provisions, we remind you that it will not be possible to enter or stay in case of body temperature above 37.5 °, flu symptoms, etc.
It is necessary to show the ENHANCED GREEN PASS.
The safety distance must be strictly maintained, it will be mandatory to wear a mask and observe the rules of hand hygiene.
The air in our premises is constantly sanitized thanks to an innovative ultraviolet germicidal air irradiation system.


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